Angela Glaz

(500 hour E-RYT and Founder of Eka Yoga)

Angela first began her practice of meditation and yoga in 2002 to alleviate chronic back pain and symptoms of depression. Since then, Angela has come along way! She has been lucky enough to travel to India twice to study Yoga and Ayurveda and deepen her own practice. Angela has been continually blessed and inspired by the ways she has seen Yoga and Ayurveda transform lives and bodies, including her own. She has a genuine passion for teaching all things and finds joy in encouraging her students to explore their own unique gifts. That passion and belief in honoring every individual's unique qualities is what drove Angela to create and open what is now Eka Yoga.

Angela teaches with Midwest heart, West Coast soul, and enough quirkiness to make the most cynical crack a smile.

When not teaching yoga, you'll most likely find Angela urban hiking with her fur baby (Desta the dachshund) or getting experimental with cooking in the kitchen.


sarah erter headshot.jpg

Sarah Erter

(200 Hour RYT)

The physicality of yoga first caught Sarah's attention as a graduate student seven years ago. Overwhelmed by the stress and pressure that she had mistakenly confused as her baseline state of being, she was desperately seeking a way to disconnect. Sarah distinctly remembers the feeling that came over her in her first yoga class when she realized that yoga was not allowing her the opportunity to disconnect, but rather reconnect. In that place, she found stillness and calm.  Sarah believes that yoga reverberates not only on a personal level, it also flows into relationships and overall connectivity with the world around us so that our practice ultimately contributes to a kinder and more peaceful world. 

In Sarah's classes,  you'll find a blend of art, science, medical knowledge, and therapeutic practices as her career in the medical profession to intertwine with yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and ayurvedic practices. Although yoga continues as a personal practice, the evolution inspires me to share what I learn in an intentional, creative, and heartfelt way through a softening hatha practice rooted in safety and sustainability. 

Bayeshan Cooper Head Shot.jpg

Bayeshan Cooper

(500 Hour RYT)

Bayeshan completed her first 500hr teacher training in Baptiste style power vinyasa in 2009 in Salt Lake City. Since moving to Seattle in 2012, Bayeshan has been drawn towards slower-paced yoga practices that emphasize stability of mind and body. During her participation in the 8 Limbs Yoga 500 Hour teacher training program, she was introduced to her current teachers, Rod Stryker, Gary Kraftsow and Sheri Friedrichsen, along with the teachers of the 8 Limbs teacher training program. All of these teachers continue to influence Bayeshan's personal practice and teaching philosophy, propelling her to continuously deepen her studies and generously share all that she has learned. Bayeshan offers practices that increase physical vibrancy by emphasizing the balance of strength and mobility, breath-centric movement and non-habitual movement patterns. Beyond the physical aspect of practice, Bayeshan also invites students to engage in mindful self-inquiry throughout the practice, using one's own awareness and focus to discover greater mental clarity, peace and freedom.

Jenn Hepton

(200 Hour RYT)

As a society, our focus is constantly brought to our outer body. Jenn's belief is that yoga invites us to refocus on our inner light - our inner body. Jenn has had the honor of teaching yin, restorative, gentle Hatha, and slow flow yoga for the last 5 years in beautiful Vancouver (Canada) and in manic but wonderful London (UK). Her classes are non-judgmental, non-competitive, within a safe and comfortable space where you can let go of everyday stress to find balance. Jenn strives to bring a sense of stillness, intention, fun, light and appreciation by working on connecting the body, spirit and mind. Each class incorporates her love of music & words into the practice with guided meditations and connected breath. Jenn Invites yogis to explore themselves with an open heart, an open mind and most importantly, with compassion. Jenn loves the practice of yoga for the clarity of mind and peacefulness that comes from the breath flowing freely in the body. She found yoga when life was a hot mess and wasn’t grounded. It offered her the tools to appreciate her thoughts, her body and to find an appreciation for life – her life. On your mat, Jenn invites you to open your heart to all the delicious gifts yoga has to offer!

Valentina Komarova

(200 Hour RYT,Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist)


For Valentina yoga is a practice of self-awareness. She does not approach it as a purely physical activity, but rather an opportunity to develop useful tools for your life off the mat: being self-aware, being present, being mindful, being connected to your breath and your body. By offering options, modifications, props and encouraging curious exploration of movement and mind throughout the practice, Valentina works on creating an individual experience in a group setting, supporting you on your personal yoga journey. She teaches vinyasa yoga, as well as slower, yin/restorative classes and meditation.

Valentina holds a 200 Hour yoga teacher certification, and is currently working towards her 500 Hour yoga certification through Yoga Medicine. She is also an Ayurvedic wellness counselor and massage therapist specializing in Thai massage, and blends this knowledge into her classes.

When not on her mat, she enjoys running and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

nancy headshot 2.JPG

Nancy Lea

(200 Hour E-RYT)

Nancy began practicing yoga in 2001 as a way to strengthen her body after the birth of her first son. She discovered a life altering way to focus her mind through breathing and movement. This is when her practice really took hold. 
Knowing firsthand the transformative power of yoga, Nancy became passionate about guiding others through their journey. She completed her 200-hour training and began teaching in 2012. Her intent is to always teach with honesty, a sense of humor and an open heart. 
Nancy believes that yoga is the practice of paying attention to the habitual way your thoughts unfold and uncovers the deep grooves of the mind and layers of self so that we can truly know ourselves. 
Her classes emphasize clarity of alignment and a steady connection to the breath. Through clear instruction and an exploration of the eightfold path of Ashtanga yoga, Nancy challenges her students to move beyond the physical practice and understand the impact that cultivating self-love and awareness has off the mat.

caitlin photo.jpeg

Caitlin Rose

(200 Hour RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor)

Caitlin Rose is a Yoga and Ayurvedic Teacher and Ayurvedic counselor (E-RYT200, 625Hr AWC). She teaches both private and public yoga and Ayurvedic classes in the Seattle area. As an Ayurvedic educator, Caitlin is able to weave the knowledge of traditional health and wellbeing into her yoga classes, connecting the rhythms of a yoga practice to the rhythms of nature. Caitlin is known for her ability to help students connect to new areas of their practice, by guiding them towards a better understanding of their breath and body connection and introducing mindful alignment. She teaches a strong yet serene practice, leaving students feeling more relaxed, connected and accomplished. 

alex head shot b nw.jpg

Alex Tran

(200 Hour RYT)

Alex has been practicing yoga since 2012. She realized the physical and mental benefits of yoga quickly and fell in love with the practice on and off the mat. She received her RYT 200 from a Baptiste Inspired studio in 2015 and began teaching yoga to foster youth and Seattle Gym. Alex teaches a blend of styles from power vinyasa, vinyasa flow, hatha, restorative and gentle yoga. She is receptive to what her students need and tailors the class to meet their expectations and goals. Alex invites her students to explore their bodies with ahimsa (compassion) and svadhyaya (curiosity). Alex is also the Content and Community Engagement Manager for Seattle Yoga News.

collleen headshot.JPG

Colleen Bell

(200 Hour E-RYT)

Colleen began to practice yoga sporadically around 2003. Over time she realized how therapeutic yoga was, both mentally and physically. Yoga has helped her through multiple injuries and she has a profound respect for her body now. Yoga continues to be her passion and her healing, happy space. 
Colleen completed her 200 hour teacher training through the esteemed Samadhi Yoga. She has also received Continuing Education training from The Grinning Yogi (Creative Sequencing) and Twist Yoga Edmonds (Yin).
Colleen enjoys being playful and challenging, while also bringing alignment awareness to her classes. She encourages students to come join her outside their comfort zone and find acceptance of themselves in their practice. 
In her spare time, Colleen loves spending time with her cat, Galadriel. She likes to read, watch movies, and go hiking. She is also drawn to Energy Medicine Yoga, Myofascial relief, and Sound Healing.

Camille Headshot.JPG

Camille Dodson

(200 Hour RYT and Kids Yoga Teacher)

Camille had been practicing yoga since 2009 when she came to the practice as a means to relieve stress during college. This sparked a journey of self-discovery and a yearning to share her experience with others. After teaching yoga to teens in the summer of 2011, she was inspired to bring yoga to youth as a means to help them be better prepared for the stress of young adult life. She gained a Master's Degree in Child Studies in 2014 and then pursued a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. She continues to teach yoga to kids and adults hoping to promote calm, confidence, and connection to self and others. She aims to make her classes lighthearted and accessible to students of all ages and levels. 
In her free time Camille loves to travel, read, cook, and snuggle her two year old Cockapoo, Willow. 

Annabell DuMez-Matheson

(500 Hour RYT)

Annabell specializes in prenatal/postpartum, trauma informed, restorative, and Ayurveda yoga. She loves teaching and daily practicing yoga. She believes life is a journey and we are all on our own paths, however when our paths intersect, we can find hope and healing. Yoga has become something on her path that has brought deep connection and strength within herself and to the community around her. Moments we can pause, consider, see, and celebrate the NOW can be beautiful. She believes yoga helps us daily both on and off the mat to discover that gift. It would be a pleasure for her to journey with you on your path and practice of yoga regardless of your background or experience.

ferrah bnw headshot.jpg

Ferrah Chino Seifert

(200 Hour RYT)

Ferrah has always been drawn to encouraging others to see their full potential and has instilled this philosophy into her life’s work. She received her BA in Psychology and over the past 10 years have worked in various areas of counseling: crisis lines, youth suicide prevention, yoga, sexual assault, and domestic violence advocacy. Ferrah was always so focused on others, yoga became the time to focus on herself. Once she started to regularly attend classes, she noticed a dramatic enhancement in her self-esteem, happiness, and relationships. Ferrah completed the Alchemy of Yoga RYT-200 training with the incredible happiness seeker, Silvia Mordini, at hauteyoga Queen Anne in 2013 and her love of movement is revealed in every class she teaches. Ferrah incorporates pranayama, meditation and strength building into her flow to challenge students mentally and physically. She believes in encouraging students to bring their minds to stillness and to find connection to breath to produce a safe environment for increased self-awareness. Ferrah strives to empower her students to live a life full of passion and purpose on and off of their mats.

Rachel Burklund BW photo.jpg

Rachel Burklund

(200 Hour RYT)

Rachel began a yoga practice in 2000 for physical reasons, to become stronger and more flexible, yet after that first class, it created a lasting impression, which eventually evolved into a way of life. Her path has taken her to different styles of yoga, yet what remains
consistent, is a strong desire to go deeper within. Yoga became a way of healing and as she grew physically she also grew spiritually, developing a regular meditation practice.
These passions for seated meditation, and the moving meditation of yoga, eventually lead Rachel to become a yoga teacher.
In 2015, Rachel completed her TT at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga, and shortly after she completed Shakti’s Teacher Mentorship program. She is now participating in Synergy’s Teacher Mentorship program for an advanced Yoga and Ayurveda study.
Rachel combines hatha and vinyasa styles into her yoga classes with an opportunity to settle the mind, connect and expand. Rachel believes that we all have a spiritual knowing within, and in her classes you will be given the chance to grow physically, spiritually and
mentally to unite with your whole self.

jason headshot bnw.jpg

Jason King

(200 Hour RYT)

While Jason had casually dabbled in yoga for years, sporadically and inconsistently attending classes at various studios, it wasn't until unrolling his mat one particular winter night during a year-long sabbatical living alone in the woods above the Hood Canal that he caught his first glimpse of what a truly embodied experience - the union of soul, mind, and body - could feel like. From that moment, his curiosity and fascination about the practice has been the primary compass by which he has navigated his life, leading him to the incomparable teachers and programming at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers where he received his 200-hour RYT certification.

Since then, by no means has his path in yoga been smooth, easy, or linear... and he wouldn't have it any other way. This is what lies at the foundation of Jason's practice and of the classes he teaches: A committed yoga practice is not about self-improvement. It is about self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-love... and not merely in service of our own well-being, but for the fact that when we learn to take better care of ourselves, we thereby exponentially increase our capacity and propensity to care for others.

By exploring the depths, subtleties, and nuances of our bodies, our breath, and our inner wisdom - primarily within the context of a slow flow - Jason aims to bring to the surface the joys and liberation of continual self-exploration