An Ayurvedic Consultation

By Caitlin Rose 

200 Hour E- RYT & Ayurvedic Counselor

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Dosha tests are a great place to begin to understand the different qualities of the three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Unfortunately, they do not give you solid insight into your true Prakruti; our inherent dosha make up. The problem is not the dosha test itself, but our shared social construct that some qualities are good and others are bad. Our society creates boxes for us to fit into, and those boxes tend to be Pitta- Vata dominant, with an aversion to the qualities of Kapha. When individuals first come to the practice of yoga and Ayurveda, they have yet to do the work to understand and accept their qualities just as they are. Therefore dosha tests are great at showing us our Vikruti, which is our current imbalanced state of doshas. An Ayurvedic consultation is the ideal solution to finding the acceptance and understanding of our true Prakruti, so that we can truly begin our path towards the health and happiness that we desire. 

Benefits of Working with an Ayurvedic Counselor:

  • Unfiltered observations of your reality vs your social construct. 
  • Work to understand any aversions towards your Prakruti.
  • Begin to find clarity and insight into how you can utilize your Prakruti to find success. 
  • Realize that no qualities are bad and all qualities are good, if you live accordingly. 
  • Cultivate a genuine relationship with an experienced practitioner who will help give you support as you continue to live more Ayurvedically. 

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